Sara Fadziewicz aka The Fit Cupcake

 Cheerleader. Runner - 5k - Half marathons/ Spartan Races. WBFF Fitness Pro from Bristol Connecticut 

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What are you Passionate about?
I love making a difference. Last year I put together a 2016 fitness calendar to raise money for Health Corps. Health Corps puts together programs to educate our youth and create healthy programs to put a stop to childhood obesity. I recently made the donation of $1830.00 and the feeling of being able to give back, and that a project I single handily put together was so successful is completely overwhelming. I look forward to future projects and potentially working with Health Corps in the future. Fitness is for all ages, for children to learn healthy ways at an early age, to adults to prevent dieses and obesity. Seniors as well need fitness, in order to prevent falling, injury and even to help keep cancer at bay, our elders need to workout too. To be able to help any of these age groups is a complete honor. 
Fitness Qualifications:
I've been coaching lifestyle and competition girls for just over a year. 
Career Highlights: 
By far, my highlight so far has been winning my WBFF Pro card. When I relive the moment the MC welcomed me to the Pro family I still get chills. When you work so hard for something and want it more then anything it will be a moment you will always cherish. 
What would you tell someone just beginning to workout?
CONGRATULATIONS! It is not an easy decision to start a fitness journey. It takes dedication and drive, dedication being that key word. Some weeks will be easier then others, STICK WITH IT! Results take time, keep that drive you had throughout your entire journey and you will achieve your goals. A few suggestions I can give, take photos! Even though you might not see a difference when you look in the mirror, if you compare your photos from start to now it can be the renewed motivation you may need. Fitness takes time, healthy lifestyles take time it's important to stick with it and don't give up. There are resources out there to help you with your new lifestyle, don't be afraid to use them or reach out to professionals!