About Us

Who is FirePower?

Our Mission is to make women feel beautiful, sexy, and strong while encouraging a active lifestyle.

When you put on a clothing or accessory item, you shouldn’t have to question how it makes you feel, what the intention of the item is, or if you like the way you look in it. You should be able to put it on and be confident in it for the length of its wear.

FirePower is that confidence. It is your ability to score the goal, it is your secret weapon to strike on target every time. Every person has an inner ability and purpose that fuels their passion, it gives you a power incapable of being diminished.

FirePower is for a reminder for you of your own capabilities.

We source, create, and retail high quality, stylish, and fashionable items that can survive any adventure, sport, or activity you put it thru. How do we know? We base our store on our own lives, we’re more than just a fashion design shop.

We are fitness models, hikers, runners, powerlifters, bodybuilders, surfers, paddlers, triathletes, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, tennis players, moms, wives, military members, and global traveling women. We use our lives experiences to source products that make us feel and look the way we deserve. We focus on the details, the quality, and don’t shy away from bling or bold statements. We are strong women, and we’re not afraid to show it. We love to combine fitness and fashion, comfort and style, and are mindful of the products entire process and how they are made.

Giving Back.

As our mission states, we want most to encourage an active lifestyle in women, from any and all walks of life. We believe everyones path to a healthier version of themselves includes active movement, and we want to help you take that next step.

We offer 100% free fitness newsletters, FirePower Facebook Communities with daily tips, tricks, and advice, as well the option to become a part of out FirePower Family or FirePower Force. Started by two personal trainers, whose education in nutrition, and passion for positive change, we know our free tips and tricks can transform lives, when they are applied passionately. We want to solve the way women think when they look into the mirror, and we believe that is a personal journey for each women. We are here for each and every FirePower babe wherever she is on her fitness journey.