Turning Fear Into Fire

I spend the majority of my time working with women, helping them discover the inner power that lies within us all. So when I had the opportunity to be a part of the FIREPOWER brand I was beyond excited. Mainly because I spend a lot of my time counseling my clients on fear, a direct enemy. Immediately I began asking, "What exactly does the military use to direct force at an enemy?" You got it, FIREPOWER! As I looked into the mission statement; to make women feel beautiful, sexy and strong while encouraging an active lifestyle, exactly what I look to encourage and inspire, I knew right then and there it was a brand I wanted to be a part of.  
I like to ask others, "Are you carrying the Fire inside of you?" As much as we shouldn't feed our fears, its exactly what we do. But together we can learn to breath into them. It's time to learn how to take these fears and acknowledge them by supporting ourselves and asking just the one question: What am I excited about? Then take the excitement and let it fuel your fire.

Oprah Winfrey was once quoted "Turn your wounds into wisdom". And there is a way to make this happen. We simply take those wounds, along with the story that created them, and turn it into a positive. Stories create a personal narrative of who we think we are and how we express ourselves to the world and our minds are the consummate storytellers. But when we realize our mind's perspective is skewed, and that the mind is simply a part of us rather than the entirety of us, we can begin to see the stories are just simply stories. The extraordinary is, we have the POWER to change those stories.

It's time to bring unconditional love and compassion to our stories and ourselves, this creates a difference between living a life that is based on what we have been programmed or adopted from the world we grew up in vs living from a place of true power and inspiration, where we are the heroine of our stories rather than the victim. One way is unconscious (your trapped in a circumstance) and the later is the FIREPOWER way (you realize the story is dependent upon you, not the other way around).

You can transcend your inherited stories and replace them with literally whatever you want. Your potential, your possibility, your power!!!

By WBFF Pro Brandee Bratton FirePower Force Member