LA Fit Expo

WOW! Our first expo was a SMASHING success!!! Owners' Alyx Ulbrich and Jennie Leeper flew to LA from opposite ends of the country. A part of being military spouses, means consistent moves and lots of travel. Alyx currently resides in Oahu, Hawaii, while Jennie was coming from Pensacola, Florida. Our Pro Fitness Athlete Sara Fadziewicz came in from Connecticut, and our FirePower Force members Michele Riley & Trisha Oubre came up to LA from the Orange County area. 

The LA Fit Expo Team

Day one we sold ALL of our leggings!!! What an amazing blessing, we were dumbfounded and a bit in shock. In the evening after meeting people and fashionista's all day, we headed out to the Military Muscle Deadlift Party! Being a part of the military muscle community is great, we always have such a blast with our male and female service members. If you ever happen to shop at - please use the discount code on me - Alyx20 ! Enjoy. 

Day two we got to talk to competitor after competitor and are looking forward to custom bikini & belt creations all thru-out 2017. Being a part of a competitors journey to the stage is such an exciting time and we love being able to affordably help them present their best possible package and feel like the rockstar that they are! 

What expo would you like to see us out at next? Where are you located? What FirePower item would you LOVE to have!!!???! 

To apply to join the FirePower Team - email Alyx at